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Just wanted to get a new journal out. Yes, I am still alive, just very busy. Work on the comic has kept me pretty occupied. Lots to do. Even more ahead. Luckily, after what was a fairly brutal week, I have a day or two off. So:

With the Japanese release of MH4G just around the corner, I thought I'd make a quick journal for the hunters out there. Capcom's still revealing and teasing monsters, and if this game is anything like 4 then there might be a few surprises for us at the later ranks. It seems likely these'll be returning monsters and/or subspecies, with the last totally new creature being the offline final boss (probably that silhouetted wyvern with the glowing chest), so who do you want to return?

What's your top 15 list of MH monsters you want back? Don't worry about what's likely or not, just make it based off of who you'd most like to fight again in MH4U. Feel free to mention subs if you want, but they won't count toward your total number. They can be from any MH game, even Frontier or Online. Try to order them, if you can!

My list would be:

1. Amatsumagatsuchi
2. Lao-Shan Lung
3. Blangonga (& Copper)
4. Uragaan
5. Duramboros
6. Qurupeco
7. Barioth (& Sand)
8. White Fatalis
9. Nargacuga
10. Agnaktor (& Glacial)
11. Gigginox
12. Volvidon
13. Arzuros
14. Nibelsnarf
15. Kuarusepusu

Any of my friends & watchers who are Monster Hunters are welcome to reply, but in particular I'll tag: :icondragonsmana:, :iconsnowfoxlauren:, :iconskippymh:, :iconpyatt:, :iconrendragonclaw:, :icondoctorsharktopus:, :iconstarvinggecko:, and :iconakitymh:, because I'm hoping/expecting to see you all on 4U next year!
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