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Hey all! I noticed that my last few journals were pretty negative so I figured it was high time I do one while I'm in better spirits. Won't be very long, though.

The main thing I want to address is that things have not changed art-wise since March. This summer is supposed to be extra work time for my Senior Studio project, which obviously must take priority over everything else because I need it to graduate. This means that if you're one of my watchers hoping to see updates on Savage Destiny, "G1" Godzilla, or WOTM2, you're going to have to wait quite a while... I probably won't have sufficient time to devote to any of those projects until 2015. I'll try to work on them little by little in my spare time, as I've already been doing because I'm a terrible student with no attention span, but please don't expect it to amount to much, especially once summer is over and the pressure really sets in to get this work done.

Regarding that work, some updates for those interested: the new title is officially Monsters In Training. Huge thanks go to :iconsupersaiyan4godzilla: and his "brain trust" for helping nail that one down! "Monster College" was never really my first pick for a final title and, as expected, it mislead a lot of people into thinking this is the same premise as Monsters University. I think Monsters In Training is a lot more accurate to what's actually going on in the comic, and it hints at the college parallels much more subtly with the MIT initials. I've also decided, for the sake of completing this in time, that it's going to be at least a two-parter. The story isn't anything incredibly long or complex, but I did write it with a movie in mind, and that's proving to be too much to fit into a single issue- especially since these monster-light first pages are taking me so long to complete. Gotta get everything done in time. Whether or not I actually make part two after my graduation will depend on how part one is received.

Would like to talk geek more, but that's about all that really matters right now- so DH out.

PS, can't wait for August 16-17th and new MH4U monsters. I want to be wowed, Capcom! "Steve" better be more than just a wyvern with grasping feet!


7/7/14: I'd like to update my journal here to give a big shout out to fellow deviant :iconrizegreymon22:! Rize has been doing fanart of my unofficial War of the Monsters 2 project, creating short comics that show the come-back stories I wrote for the returning monsters, and just recently finished. I'm really grateful to him for doing them and think he did a killer job, so if you're fans of my WOTM2 stuff I highly recommend you check them out! Be sure to send some faves and comments his way! :D

WOTM2: The return of Congar by rizegreymon22 <--- The Return of Congar!

WOTMMI: The resuscitation of Agamo by rizegreymon22 <--- The Resuscitation of Agamo!

WOTMMI: The regeneration of Kineticlops by rizegreymon22 <--- The Regeneration of Kineticlops!

WOTM2: The reconstruction of Robo-47 by rizegreymon22 <--- The Reconstruction of Robo-47!

WOTMMI: The rebirth of Magmo by rizegreymon22 <--- The Rebirth of Magmo!

WOTMMI: The descent of Preytor by rizegreymon22 <--- The Descent of Preytor!

WOTMMI: The reprograming of Ultra V by rizegreymon22 <--- The Reprogramming of Ultra V!

WOTMMI: The revenge of Togera by rizegreymon22 <--- The Revenge of Togera!

WOTMMI: The recovery of Raptros by rizegreymon22 <--- The Recovery of Raptros!

WOTMMI: The invasion of Zorgulon by rizegreymon22 <--- The Invasion of Zorgulon!

7/28/14: I'm updating this again to announce that I've moved a LOT of my older artwork into Scraps. Like almost half my gallery. This included stuff that was outdated, old, or just plain bad. Having taken that 15 page trip down memory lane, I'd like to apologize to you all now for 7 years of gloating, ranting, competitive monster making, annoying memes, uncomfortably placed winking smilies, scrawny looking Godzillas, and really awful redesigns. Hopefully my art will continue to progress and improve as it has over my time here and I can continue to give you all interesting things to look at. Until next time, guys! :)
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Dragonsmana Featured By Owner 5 days ago…

Same day I find this.. The same day it reaches it's goal lol. I like the sounds of it!
DinoHunter2 Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Student General Artist
The main models they showed off are fantastic. I love how gnarly and hideous they look despite having such accurate anatomy, and the detail is great. It's incredibly well done stuff, far better than what I was expecting from a kickstarter. Color my impressed! As a game though, I dunno... we didn't see any footage at all, not even a simple animation. Some of these sculptures are fairly old, too, I've seen them circulating the net for years- do those particular models have animations? Are they even rigged yet? And for that matter, is any kind of engine actually in place? Have they coded anything? There's a lot of unanswered questions here and compared to other games their kickstarter goal seems a bit low. I want to be excited, but my concern is that there might not be a lot of meat on these bones- just an idea and some pretty looking models. I don't think I ever could've thrown money at this without knowing what the actual game would look or play like, or at least a detailed plan about how it might be realized in a practical sense. All that aside, I'd probably pass anyway- the scope and artistic talent are awesome for sure, but daily life simulators get boring fast.

Ninja edit: the fact that this happened a year ago doesn't help, haha.
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago
I totally understand and and agree with much of the skepticism. But at the same time, if they can deliver on what the description then I'd pretty much need this in my life somehow lmao. I wish this had gotten more exposure when it was actually active, they might of met some of their stretch goals. The description sounds like they have a mock up playable version of the game (like super early alpha I suppose) somewhere, but it would be nice if they posted some footage of it. Not quite a year has passed, looking at the date (November 2013) but it would be cool to see something. I wouldn't put money in it either (but even KS I'd like to help fund I never have either to be fair lol), but hey if it comes out, looks good and does what it promises I wouldn't mind downloading it.

Edit: When did they add editing your comments? lol. Anyway, just re-read it says they are working on a prototype version of the game they intend to distribute to backers for feedback.
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Err wait, it was funded last year lol.
rizegreymon22 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
look…  sorry for Xorvus alternate colours
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014…

*Breathing intensifies*
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